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Oh man! I had the best time ever today. I sat through a Matchbox 20 concert which as you all know, is my favorite band ever. I was actually like 15 meters away from Rob Thomas. There were several times during the night when I remembered the many times I bitched on the website about them never ever coming to Mexico and was almost resigned to never seeing them live but Mexico finally had to come to them and I was so near!!! That man has an amazing onstage personality. I had a good seat but managed to move to an even better one (both as a Mexican and as a big fan of the band). I was sitting with a friend who´d no idea who they were but apparently found it hilarious that I screamed my head off, took a load of pictures, sang every single song at the top of my lungs, danced like crazy and just basically went insane... What can I say? I´d warned people that I liked them...I DOOOO LIKE THEM SO MUCH! If it´s possible to say that I like them more after seeing them live, I´ll say it, it´s true. I really wish to see them again live sometime, I had so much fun. I had the best time ever since I got here and it ranks pretty high on my best nights ever.
They sang all of their new songs, a couple of ones on the last cd, and some ooold favorites. I loved everything but was hit with a special chord to my heart when he went into "3 AM" and most especially "Back To Good", both of which I love. They tried to leave after almost two hours but the audience wouldn´t let them, they came back, sang an REM song, then a new one but the place REEEAAAAALLY erupted when they closed with "Push".

Sis, no sabes cuanto hiciste falta ahora...me acorde que descubrimos "Push" al mismo tiempo y lo disfrutamos desde entonces y no podria pensar en nadie mas que pudiera disfrutar esto tanto como yo mas que tu...y lo pense varias veces durante el concierto. Te voy a sacar copias de todas las pics. Y todo lo que deciamos de Rob... es mas cierto de cerquita ;)

After we got back, a bunch of us just got into a very long, very niiiice conversation about everything from accents to butts...It´s 4:33am right now and I can´t come down yet, I´m still so excited.
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