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A weekend to remember

Well, I had the absolute most excellent weekend. It´s the kind that you just know will end in a bittersweet manner...I was right about it but it left me with a good impression, a good taste and I definitely want to do it again someday (soon if possible). t was amazing to get into that unknown world where every businessman nows exactly where he´s going and you know nothing. Then that light that opens before you bears roses and whispers you´re gorgeous. Everyone I met I loved, turns out they liked me too. And everyone, absolutely everyone knew me. I couldn´t believe it, it was better than the best I could´ve expected. All the bigshots from the office, the people who don´t even work in the office, all the family members. Rarely have I been so hugged or felt so much love flying around me. It was unbelievable, from the very beginning right up until the very end (LOL, Rayados ended up traveling back with me). Of course, now on top of missing my love much more than ever, I miss a city, a world, and a lifestyle I completely want to fit into...people, cars & pollution included *sigh*. Take me there baby??
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